Lead Pastor + Bearded Wonder

“I’ve been in ministry for many years and I’ve witnessed the power of what God’s people can do through the local church. The greatest part of being the pastor at Kairos Church is that I get the opportunity each week to share all that God reveals to me in scripture. I love sharing that knowledge with the church and being able to challenge, inspire, encourage and empower them in their daily lives.

I have been beyond blessed with a beautiful, amazing and wonderful wife and 6 absolutely wonderful, crazy and fun children. My wife and I are also foster parents and our family size fluctuate from time to time.”

If you could spend the day with one celebrity who would it be?

Will Ferrell, I think we would be best friends. And I want him to know Jesus! Will Ferrel is amazing. Will Ferrel with Jesus, INCREDIBLE!

What's your favorite Bible story?

I love the story about the talking donkey. The bible is straight cooky dooks!

What is a passion or hobby of yours outside of church?

I love playing silly, odd and challenging card games. Games like Exploding Kittens, Bears Vs Babies and King of Tokyo.  I get ultra nerdy with trading card games like Pokemon and Magic: The Gathering.


1st Moments Director + Moment Maker Coordinator + Pastor’s Wife

“I am the wife of that amazing bearded Pastor and mother to 6 kids. I have 1 biological daughter, and 5 adopted. Plus I am a Foster Mama so there may be an extra kiddo or two in our family.

Children are the future of our world and our church. I want them to grow up loving church and learning about Jesus on their level in a way that will stick with them for their entire life.”

What's your favorite food?

Anything chocolate. Literally, anything could be dipped in chocolate and it’s my favorite(ok, not anything, but you get the point) Chocolate dipped in chocolate!!

If you could spend the day with one celebrity who would it be?

I’m not even kidding when I say, Will Ferrell. I would want to spend time with a celebrity who would make me laugh. Also, if I hadn’t married Brent, I would be married to Will Ferrell. That is if he loves Jesus;)

What's your favorite Bible story?

The story of creation through sin’s consequences. I can read it over and over and God reveals more to me each time. Did you know that there were TWO trees in the center of The Garden of Eden?? Most Children’s Bibles only talk about the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. But there was also the tree of life that gave everlasting life! There’s more to that, go read for yourself. The Bible is cool.



Next Moments Director + Events + Administrative Assistant

“I was blessed to marry the man of my dreams in 2010 and we now have two of the cutest kids in the whole world. Millie and Judah are the greatest joys God has given us! Besides our kids, Josh and I absolutely love being a part of the beginning of Kairos. We have had many years of friendship and ministry with Brent and Christine – our families are inexplicably intertwined – and doing ministry with them is hands-down the most exciting thing God has called us to.

Aside from (ahem) keeping Brent in line, my favorite thing to do for Kairos would be planning events. And boy, is the best ahead of us!”

What's your favorite food?

Easy. On a cheat day – chicken fettuccine alfredo. And lots of it.

What's your favorite Bible story?

It would have to be the Resurrection – the most amazing and redemptive act of our Lord. There’s nothing better than that! I wish I could have been there!

What is a passion or hobby of yours outside of church?

I love crafting gifts for people or decor for my house. Especially at Christmas-time. Some Christmas music, warm coffee and crafts – mmhmm!